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Stay Away from Me (You're Weird)
Title: Stay Away from Me (You're Weird)
Pairing: Myungsoo/Sungyeol
Rating: pg-13
Genre: fluff, general stupidity
Summary Now, Sungyeol was a man. And, as a man, he did not do cuddles.

Myungsoo was in love with Sungyeol.

Sungyeol knew, obviously. It would have been impossible not to, when Myungsoo was about as subtle as an airhorn in the library. (Which was not subtle at all. Sungyeol knew that from experience.) All the weird staring, stealing glances and finding every excuse to cling to Sungyeol's shoulders and press his nose into the back of his neck. Seriously, if there was anyone who didn't know Myungsoo liked him, they were probably blind or stupid or something.

Sungyeol didn't mind. Or, well. Not exactly. After all, he might have kind of sort of liked Myungsoo, too.

The problem was that Myungsoo was so fucking sweet about all of it. He liked to do all this embarrassing shit like nudge in close and whisper "I like you" when Sungyeol was busy brushing his teeth or packing his bag or something totally normal, and he liked to press sneaky kisses to Sungyeol's cheek or neck or ear at totally inappropriate times -- like when the other members were right there. It was always when they were busy, watching a movie or making dinner, so no one ever saw anything -- but it was still fucking annoying, because it was all just so lame and gross and cheesy that it made Sungyeol want to throw up. (And it might have gotten him a little red in the face, too. If Woohyun asked him if he was feeling feverish one more time, he was going to punch him in the jugular.)

Myungsoo liked to cuddle, for fuck's sake.

Now, Sungyeol was a man. And, as a man, he did not do cuddles. It was a matter of principle. Manly, manly principle.

So when Myungsoo flopped onto his bed and tried to worm his way under his blankets that night, Sungyeol kicked him right the hell off. He hit the floor with an "oof" and sat up rubbing his head, scowling slightly. "What the hell, Sungyeol?"

"Stay away from me. You're weird." Sungyeol stuck his tongue out at him. Myungsoo's eyebrow quirked slightly, perhaps wondering if this was one of Sungyeol's games, but when his gaze flickered down to refocus on Sungyeol's lips, Sungyeol smashed him in the face with a pillow. "I'm serious! Sleep in your own damn bed. We have separate beds for a reason."

"Hmm." Myungsoo blinked at him, but he stood up obediently and retreated to his mattress on the other side of the room. Sungyeol hummed, content, and stretched out his arms and legs as far as he could. Yes, this was nice. He hadn't gotten his bed to himself in a long while. Not since Myungsoo had been off filming in Japan. Sharing a bed was so inconvenient for someone as tall as he was. Much too cramped for his liking, that was for sure.

He rolled onto his side, pillowing his head on his hand and watching as Myungsoo took a sip from his water bottle and curled up on his own mattress for once. Myungsoo sighed and raked a hand through his hair. He shifted to face the wall, drawing the blanket up over his shoulders and nestling into it. (Sungyeol almost thought to himself that it was really cute, but then he mentally smacked himself in the face because that was sappy and disgusting.)

"Don't even think about climbing into my bed in the middle of the night," Sungyeol warned, but Myungsoo just waved a hand dismissively over his shoulder.

"Shut up and sleep."

"Maybe I will."

Silence fell between them, and Sungyeol rolled onto his stomach and enjoyed having his whole pillow to himself. There was so much space~ No Myungsoo overheating his covers or breathing all warm against his neck or laying on his arm until he lost all feeling in it and he couldn't toss and turn like he sometimes wanted to. Ah, he was in heaven~

"Goodnight, Myungsoo," he singsonged, realizing he'd forgotten to say it earlier.

"Mm?" Myungsoo shifted around and lifted his head slightly, and Sungyeol could just barely make out him blinking in the darkness. Had he been asleep already?

"I said goodnight."

"Oh, okay. 'Night." Myungsoo's head dipped right back into his pillow, and Sungyeol felt just a little bit put out. If Myungsoo fell asleep so well on his own, why in the hell did he insist on sleeping with him so often? Geez. Half the reason Sungyeol had even put up with it in the past was that he thought it'd help Myungsoo sleep better. Hadn't Myungsoo said that once before? "I sleep better like this," with his head on Sungyeol's chest and his arm thrown across his stomach. Cheesy bastard. And Sungyeol had bought it, too. Damn it.

Well, hell if Sungyeol was ever letting him get away with that again. Now that he'd been reacquainted with the sheer, unadulterated bliss of having a bed to himself, he was absolutely not going to give it up so easily ever again. It was too nice like this, with all the space he could ever want. It was quiet, too, with Myungsoo's deep breathing all the way on the other side of the room. Just Dongwoo's snoring, from his top bunk position. That guy could sleep through anything, the lucky bastard.

Weird, how Dongwoo's snoring seemed louder than usual tonight. Sort of deafening, really. Sungyeol put his pillow over his head to see if that would block out some of the sound. (It didn't. It just made it hard to breathe.)

Stupid Myungsoo. How could he fall asleep just like that? In his own bed, without a care in the world. Asshole. He hadn't even given Sungyeol a goodnight kiss. (Sungyeol chose to forget the fact that Myungsoo had tried, and that he'd stopped him with a pillow to the face.)

He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, acclimating himself to his cold mattress and all the empty space on it and no sound but Dongwoo's incessant snoring and Myungsoo the stupid idiot, was he really already sleeping? Because seriously, it was sort of pissing Sungyeol off.

He got up decisively and crossed over to the other side of the room, yanking Myungsoo's blankets off of him and ignoring his sleepy "hey!" of protest. Myungsoo scowled up at him, looking a little hazy and disgruntled from sleep (and his hair was already all mussed from the pillow and it was unfairly attractive, but those were thoughts for another time). "What do you want?"

"You lied to me before," Sungyeol accused, narrowing his eyes and jamming his finger into Myungsoo's face.

"What the hell, Sungyeol...I was sleeping." Myungsoo grumbled sort of incoherently and tried to bury his head in his pillow, but Sungyeol snatched it away and held it out of reach.

"That's what I'm talking about! You lied to me. You said you sleep better with me, and you know that's the only reason I let you into my bed in the first place -- but here you are, sleeping like a baby even though Dongwoo snores like a fucking buzz saw." Sungyeol put on his most self-righteous expression and crossed his arms over his chest.

Myungsoo just sort of stared at him for a long moment, that stare that made Sungyeol feel sort of dumb and self-conscious and like his face might be getting a little warm for no reason -- and then the corners of his lips twitched upward in an amused little smile. "If you want to sleep together so badly, you could've just said so."

And yeah, Sungyeol's face definitely heated up at that -- so he did the only thing he could do and smashed Myungsoo in the face with a pillow for the second time that night. "I don't like you anymore," he declared, making a quick retreat to his own bed and facing the wall, pulling the blankets up over his head. "Go back to sleep, you bastard." (He tried very hard to resist the urge to smack his head repeatedly against the wall, because he was pretty positive he'd just made a complete idiot of himself.)

The mattress dipped, and Myungsoo's warm body fit neatly against his back, chin resting on his shoulder.

"What are you doing? Go back to your side of the room."

"Goodnight kiss?" Myungsoo murmured against the shell of his ear, and Sungyeol turned over a bit begrudgingly. (Kissing was his weakness.) He puckered his lips, and Myungsoo chuckled and closed the distance between them. He slid his arm across Sungyeol's stomach, and Sungyeol pretended not to notice as they kissed and kissed again. Myungsoo sighed contentedly and rested his cheek against Sungyeol's collarbone, and he tangled their legs together when Sungyeol tried to stretch his out and couldn't.

It was cramped like this and way too warm, with Myungsoo wrapped tight around him and the blankets pulled up. Definitely too cramped for someone as tall and lanky as Sungyeol was, two people on a small mattress intended for one.

But Dongwoo's snoring didn't seem quite so deafening now. And Sungyeol wasn't as annoyed as he had been before, when Myungsoo was sleeping so easily without him. It was kind of...comfortable, even though it also sort of technically wasn't. Like an old, worn-in pair of sneakers or something. (Sungyeol was not a sap.)

"You're crushing my arm," he complained.

But Myungsoo's breathing had already evened out, so he guessed there wasn't anything he could do but close his eyes and drift off to sleep. (What a shame.)

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SO FLUFFLY AND CUTE. Myungsoo and Sungyeol, lol at this short fic characterization.

It was funny and good job~

This is what I do when I should be packing to go back to school. ^^;

Thank you for reading! ^_^

OMG yay for procrastination, haha.

okay so obviously i'm dying because OTP.
Sungyeol knows. bitches don't get sappy~~~~~~~~

omg he's so great.

and Myungsoo.
best always.
especially the goodnight kiss part in the end.
Sungyeol can't fight that.
he knows.


you are good job woman.

Sungyeol has a strict no cuddles policy. Because his manliness won't allow it.
...except that it sort of will, because come on, it's Myungsoo. And he's kind of the cutest.

I like how I write cute MyungYeol and you write KrisYeol that makes me weep. I SEE HOW IT IS, WOMAN.

i swear to shisus they cuddle all the time.
and i bet myungsoo takes all the pictures of them being cuddly because camera!bias. XD


lolol. so opposite~~~ 000000000

This was so cute!
SungYeol acting all manly but in the end, he's the one that wants to sleep with MyungSoo again, ugh...soo cute!
and the kissing, can totally imagine that happening.
MyungSoo is in love with SungYeol (irl) it's just a fact, and SungYeol isn't (or wasn't) but Myung will never give up. xD

Perseverance is key~
But really though. Try as he might, there is no way Sungyeol can deny Myungsoo for too long. He's just too freaking perfect.

Thank you for reading~

Haha! I think he knows~ He just doesn't want to admit it because he thinks it's gross. xD

Thank you for reading~

Omg it was to sweet >_<
Sungyeol in denial and looking like an idiot xD
Myungsoo is so cute
This was perfect~

Really glad you liked it! MyungYeol is such a cute ship, bahhh~ Thanks for reading!! ^_^

this! is much too fluffy I can't QAQ Sungyeol is just simply too cute QAQ
Can I translate this into Vietnamese? I'll give you the link when it's finished :)

Aww, thank you for liking it so much!!
Sure you can! Just yes, please do give me the link and credit me/link back to the original fic when you do, mmkay?

of course I will! Thanks for accepting! :x

Sounds awesome! I look forward to hearing back from you about the finished translation! ^_^

Whoa, that was so fast! I'm amazed. :o
Thank you so much for translating and linking/crediting properly and all that! I appreciate it a lot!

Awwww.... sungyeol sleeping pills is myungsoo
So cute... and addicted

Fun storyline ... make more ^^~

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